Salmon Pecan Crunch

Salmon Pecan Crunch
A tasty way to give a gluten-free “breading” to salmon. I thought I had received this recipe from my Aunt Dawna, but when I emailed it to her she said “It’s far different from the one that I make” so it’s origin is a mystery… I didn’t have breadcrumbs and so ta-da! A gluten-free recipe!


One thought on “Salmon Pecan Crunch

  1. Here is a fool proof way to make the best salmon you’ve ever had. Take a chunk of salmon steak or a slice of filet and place on a piece if foil that is big enough to wrap the piece air tight. Add a little olive oil, lemon juice, white wine, a table spoon of capers and and a couple slices of lemon on top. Wrap it all up so the package is air tight and put on a hot grill 450-500 degrees or an oven at same temp for 8 minutes only. Open and serve immediately.

    Love you,


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