This is a blog for people who love food – real food – made from scratch and grown locally with care. It’s also for people who enjoy cooking and baking and will spend the time (and money) to make something scrumptious. However, I try to do things simply, spending money on ingredients, not gadgets. After all, I live out of a suitcase.

1 part Pioneer Woman:

– I like to make things from scratch because it’s rewarding and I know exactly what’s going into my food (no chemicals from food-processing plants)

– I can be cheap and doing things yourself, if you have the time and inclination, can yield a superior product at a better price (pie crust, veal stock, etc.)

1 part Snob:

– Despite my thrifty nature I will spend money on farm-raised, organic food, or splurge on hand-crafted goodies

– There’s a lot of pretense surrounding fine food and wine. The trick is to know when to buy the good stuff.

1 part “MacGyver”:

– I refuse to buy (and pack into my suitcase) something I won’t use daily so you’ll find equipment substitutions throughout

– A wine bottle makes a great rolling pin

– Not until my Husband’s Grandmother bought us one, did we own a toaster. A coat hanger twisted into a 3-legged stand that sits atop a stovetop burner worked just fine for me…

– I’ve never owned a kettle. I own pots.


The Skipping Stones: We are a married couple who enjoy food, traveling and adventure. Lacey (Canadian) is a photographer and freelance writer. Ferg (Australian) is a polo player and amateur magician. We married in 2008 and have spent our time since living out of a suitcase, moving around every couple of months, while still trying to live a somewhat normal life and eat well. A recent adventure was a planned world-circumnavigation on our 36 foot sailboat “Stardust”. That didn’t go so well but we survived and came out of it with a stack of funny stories and recipes, because you still have to eat while living on a boat. We lived in Thailand for a span, then France, then California, then Mexico all the while toting around a chef’s knife, a recipe book and a few other implements.


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