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Blog on hold while “The Sprout” is under construction

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any recipes but I have a very good reason – I’m pregnant! It’s all very exciting as I’m just about to reach the 12-week mark. However, this first trimester I’ve spent the majority of my time in bed or throwing up and trying to stay as far away from the kitchen (with it’s litany of dangerous, nausea-inducing smells) as possible. The Sprout is not making this easy for me and in addition to the sickness there’s a lengthy list of things I’m not allowed to eat anyways. So even if I could cook, I’d be sharing recipes for sliced apples or pasta with butter and salt (no gooey, runny egg yolks, or smoked salmon, or oysters for me – oh and ironically, no sprouts, either). I’ve been told countless times that this stage will pass (for most) by 13-14 weeks, so I hope to be back in the kitchen with you all soon!


3 thoughts on “Blog on hold while “The Sprout” is under construction

  1. Congrats Lacey & Ferg! So happy for you both! Can u send me ur mailing address so I can send u a holiday card? Hope your nausea eases soon! Take care- Lisa Griffiths

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